About LeiLanD

LeiLanD was developed thanks to the support of the Center for Digital Scholarship (Kristina Hettne, Peter Verhaar), CLARIAH (Sjef Barbiers, Gijsbert Rutten), Leiden University Centre of Linguistics - LUCL (Rob Goedemans, information manager for the Faculty of Humanities) and Leiden University Centre of Digital Humanities (Sjef Barbiers, Jelena Prokic).

The project was made possible by a grant from LUCL awarded to Felix Ameka, Nivja de Jong and M. Carmen Parafita Couto and it is coordinated by Sara Petrollino. Since 2017 many student assistants at Leiden University have contributed to different stages of its development:

The codebase for LeiLanD is available on GitHub.

Click here for a description of the categories used in LeiLanD and their corresponding categories in the CMDI profile.